About Credit Transfer

If you have earned credits at a different institution, you may be able to transfer some or all of those credits to CCAC, up to 45 credits for an Associate Degree. You may also receive credit for AP, CLEP, DSST and Military coursework. See Advanced Placement Credit for a complete listing of exams, certifications and training that may be accepted.

Credit Transfer Steps

Submit Your Official Transcripts to CCAC for Evaluation

Contact the other institution and request an OFFICIAL transcript be sent to CCAC. The fastest and preferred method is to request electronic delivery via electronic data exchange, which is an option for most transcript providers. If the transcript service only offers delivery via email, use the email address transcripts@ccac.edu as the recipient. If the school will only mail paper transcripts, they should be mailed to the attention of the Registration Office at the campus you plan to attend.

Please allow up to 10 working days from the date transcripts are received by the college for the transfer evaluation to be completed.

Transcript Review

Your transcript will be reviewed as described below.  You will receive an email when the evaluation has been completed.

View Transcript Evaluation Decisions

You can view transcript evaluation decisions online at CCAC Self-Service Transfer Summary.

Visit Students

If you attend another college or university and are only taking one or more classes at CCAC, you do not need to have your transcripts evaluated. CCAC will accept an unofficial transcript to verify you have completed pre-requisites for the class(es) you will take as a visiting student.



Requesting a Reevaluation of Your Transfer Credit

Send your request for reevaluation to transcripts@ccac.edu, including details and justification regarding your request.

How Do I Know What Courses Will Transfer to CCAC?

CCAC Directors of Registration will evaluate official transcripts from other colleges, universities, technical schools, etc. The following standards and restrictions will apply:

  • College-level course credit is granted for equivalent courses from any institution that is accredited by a Regional Accrediting Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools.
  • Coursework from non-accredited postsecondary schools will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to confirm equivalencies of course content and academic rigor.
  • Evaluations are curriculum-specific. Courses will be accepted for transfer to CCAC if they will fulfill the requirements of your program/major at the time of application for credit transfer. If you change your major, a new evaluation will be necessary; request a reevaluation by emailing transcripts@ccac.edu.
  • Transfer credits must include courses with an earned C grade or better. Portfolio credits may also be accepted for transfer.
  • If you attended an institution that was based on a quarter system, the credits will be converted to a semester system. Courses will meet requirements of the program, but additional credits may be needed to meet minimum credits to graduate.
  • Science and technical courses over 10 years old will not transfer to science, technology or health-related programs.
  • Transfer credits cannot exceed a maximum as defined by CCAC's residency requirements for a degree, certificate or diploma.
  • If you have earned credit outside the US, have your transcripts evaluated course by course by a NACES-approved credential evaluator and sent to the College. We prefer course-by-course format when requesting international transcripts.