About PCHE Cross-Registration

CCAC's membership in the Pittsburgh Council of Higher Education (PCHE) enables full-time students to cross-register at any other member institution (see links below). With approval from CCAC, full-time CCAC students can enroll in one course per fall/spring term at a PCHE member institution while paying only the CCAC tuition rate as part of their full-time tuition. Students typically cross-register for courses that are not offered or available at their home institution.



Interested in PCHE Cross-Registration?

CCAC students interested in cross-registration are required to meet with an academic advisor to confirm course eligibility and obtain approval as part of their academic plan. After obtaining advisor approval, please submit completed and signed PCHE cross-registration forms to registration@ccac.edu. CCAC will then share your request with the host institution and facilitate enrollment in the course once approved by the host Registrar.

Students from other PCHE member institutions interested in cross-registering with CCAC should contact their home institution Registrar's office and follow their cross-registration procedures. Please note, students who register for a CCAC course independently as a visiting student without obtaining cross-registration approval from their home institution will not be considered to be cross-registered and will be responsible for tuition and fees.

Please send questions about PCHE cross-registration with CCAC to registration@ccac.edu.


First date to submit PCHE Registration applications to the host school: July 1, 2024.

Last Day to submit PCHE Registration applications to the host school: August 12, 2024.


PCHE Cross-Registration Guidelines

  • Enrollment is limited to no more than one course per term/semester.
  • Approval of the dean or designated individual from the home institution is needed.
  • Student's advisor or dean must assure course eligibility.
  • Students may not cross register for classes at a PCHE institution in which they are already enrolled as a student.
  • Academic rules and regulations of the host institution prevail.
  • Students do not acquire status at the host institution but have library and bookstore privileges.
  • Permission is required to add or to drop a course after the home and host institutions' deadlines.
  • Students enrolled in approved joint co-op programs between two PCHE institutions are exempt from the requirement of being full-time at either school.
  • Cross-registration applies to only fall or spring terms.
  • For many students it is not advisable to cross register for any class in the last term before graduation.