How to Register

Priority Registration

CCAC offers a priority registration period at the beginning of each registration cycle for the Fall and Spring terms. Course schedule preference is given to: (1) Veterans and their dependents, (2) Honors Students, (3) Current students based on the total number of credits completed to date. For this third category of students, dates are assigned over a five-day period based on total credits in descending priority order (example, students with the greatest number of completed credit register first). Students who are afforded priority registration will receive a notification via email that specifies their priority registration date. Students can register on the date listed on the notice or any day prior to the first class meeting.

Priority Registration of Fall 2023 will commence on April 10, 2023.


Before you Register

Before you register, you will be expected to do the following:


After Registering

Once registered, you are financially obligated to pay. Start planning now how you will complete payment for your classes. If your plans change and you are unable to take classes, you must officially drop class(es) BEFORE the first day of the term to avoid being held responsible for tuition/fee charges.

Students will receive an email confirmation of all registration and waitlisting transactions the morning after the registration transaction has taken place. If you do not receive this confirmation the morning after you register, please contact Registration.

Ways to Register

Register Online

Register online through Self-Service Plan and Schedule. Go to Plan and Schedule, search for courses, add sections to schedule, click Register Now. See Quick Guide for Plan and Schedule at MyCCAC Self-Service portal page.

Register with an Advisor

Connect with an advisor who will help you plan your courses. New students, students who have not yet completed the developmental course sequence or students who are on probation or suspension must have their course plan approved by an advisor or counselor before registering for classes.

Email your Registration Form

Email a completed registration form to [email protected]. If you do not send from your CCAC college email account, include a copy of your photo ID. List all courses on one form, including those at another campus. You should allow up to two business days for your registration to be processed, as we may require more information to complete the transaction. Check your schedule on Self-Service Plan and Schedule to confirm registration.

Register In-Person

Visit your campus Registration and Advising Office to register in-person (see hours of operation).

Course Registration Deadlines

Students may register for credit classes until the first class meeting and online courses prior to the start of the term. Registration using Self-Service is available up until one day before the class begins.


Adding a Course Once the Class Has Started

For courses that have met (including online courses), students must obtain permission from the instructor to enroll. Instructors are able to give students permission within Self-Service, allowing students to add the section within Student Planning, as long as this is done before the end of the add period. Deadline to add with Instructor Permission is:

  • 16-week and 14-week terms: before the end of the first week of the term
  • Courses 10 weeks or shorter: during first two days of the class

Instructors may also send instructor's documented approval and submit it to the [email protected] for processing within two business days of signature before the deadlines shown above.

Students who are on probation or suspension must also obtain permission from an advisor (probation) or a counselor (suspension).


Dropping a Class
Students may drop for full refund prior to the start of the term or for partial 80% refund by the drop deadline (see Academic Calendar for deadline dates). The course will not appear on your academic record.
Withdrawing from a Class
After the drop deadline, students may withdraw and receive the grade of W for the course on your academic transcript; there is no refund for withdrawal. See additional information on Withdrawal Procedures.

Students may drop, add, or withdraw in the following ways:

  • Drop/withdraw online through Self-Service Plan and Schedule. Go to your class schedule for the term, locate the course section you wish to drop and click the "Accept Terms & Drop" button. If the drop period has ended, the W grade will be posted. Drops submitted via Self-Service take effect immediately and will reflect on your schedule; check for any error messages that the drop was not accepted. 
  • Want to drop from one section and add another? For even drop/add transactions, you should add the new section to your plan before you click the drop button for the section you will drop. Then you will drop and add at the same time to have an even drop/add of tuition and fees.
  • If you are unable to drop/withdraw via Self-Service, complete Drop/Add/Withdrawal form.  This form must be completed before the deadline to drop with either 100% or 80% refund, or the deadline to withdraw. Processing this form may take up to 48 hours to be processed; you will receive email notification indicating whether the drop has been processed.

You should receive an email notification the morning following all registration transactions that summarizes the additions or changes that have occurred. If you do not receive a confirmation, contact Registration.

Consult the academic calendar for deadlines for courses offered in the 16-week, 14-week, 10-week or 8-week terms. All other courses maintain specific deadlines; consult the registration office.

Students receiving financial assistance through grants, loans, and veterans benefits should consult with the Financial Aid or Military and Veterans Service Center before dropping, adding, or withdrawing from class. Student's aid may be impacted by a change to the total number of credits in which the student is enrolled, or by receiving a W grade in one or more classes.

Standard college refund procedures will apply for all drops/adds/withdrawals.

Class Full?

Want to enroll in a class that is full? You may add yourself to a waitlist for most course sections if the section is full. You can elect to waitlist for a section when attempting to register online via Self-Service or with an academic advisor.

  • You may not request to be waitlisted in more than one section of the same course. You may be registered for a different section of the course while you are waiting to gain permission from the waitlist.
  • If a space opens in the course, the first person on the waitlist will receive an email notifying that a spot has been reserved. This email will be sent to your personal email address, so you should monitor your personal email each day while waitlisted. You may want to check your User Profile to confirm we have your correct email address. Once given permission, you will have until midnight on the following day to enroll in the course; if no action is taken by that deadline, your spot on the waitlist will expire and the next student on the list will be notified with permission to enroll.
  • You can manage your waitlist online at Self-Service Plan and Schedule, where you will be able to see how many are waitlisted and your place in line. You can remove yourself from the waitlist or enroll in the section when and if given permission to enroll.
  • If you are not eligible to register online (new students, probation/ suspension, etc.), you will need to call, email or meet with an academic advisor to make changes to the waitlist or enroll when notified and given permission.
  • You will not be responsible for paying tuition for waitlisted classes until they actually enroll in the section.
  • All waitlists will be closed before the start date of the 16-week or 14-week term. Once the class has started, students may not add the class without express permission from the instructor, who will have access to view your position on the previous waitlist.

Auditing a Class

An audit class means that you are attending the class on a non-academic credit basis. No credit is awarded for the audit course. Pre-requisites of credited classes cannot be met with the audit class. Students may enroll in an audit course only if they meet all course prerequisites. Students who enroll in audit classes may change their registration status from audit to credit or from credit to audit, during the add/drop period only. Students who decide to audit classes must complete the "Audit Agreement" with the instructor with all required signatures by the appropriate add/drop deadlines. If a student decides to drop the audit course, he/she must officially withdraw from the course within the applicable time limit. Completion of this form alone does not constitute registration. A completed registration form with the marked "audit" designation is additionally required.

A grade of "L" will be assigned as a mid-term and final grade. Audit students pay the same tuition and fees as credit students.

See How to Audit a Class Help Article for complete instructions.