About Volunteer Management Classes

The Nonprofit Academy is an umbrella program that encompasses the Nonprofit Professional Training series and a variety of non-credit classes geared toward the nonprofit sector. All courses are designed to offer training that can assist your organization with attaining its goals.

Here participants will get real-time, hands-on use of the computer, Internet and social marketing sites to enhance your organization. CCAC is aware of the economic challenges and staff shortages facing the nation today, especially the nonprofit industry. All courses are set up to offer training that can bring results and effectiveness in obtaining your organization's goals. Our classes are set up to be affordable for individuals and organizations.

Volunteer Management Classes

CCAC partners with the United Way of Allegheny County and Volunteer Administrators of Southwestern Pennsylvania to operate the Institute of Volunteerism. This project provides training to directors of area volunteer programs, primarily through an annual volunteer management seminar. Topics of these seminars include:

  • Analyze, strategize and then revitalize your volunteer program
  • Human resources and related legal issues impacting volunteer programs
  • Directing volunteers in a long-term care facility
  • Starting a volunteer program from scratch
  • Beyond recruitment
  • The three Rs of volunteer management

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