Start Strong with College Seminar

In short, College Seminar (SEM) courses support students in the transition to college, which is a challenge for a lot of people, socially, financially, and academically.


SEM courses at CCAC can…

  • Teach you how to overcome problems that arise in your courses (or your life outside of school) so that you emerge stronger, more self-reflective, and more resilient
  • Help you develop the active learning, reading, and time management skills you will need to excel at the college level
  • Facilitate your exploration of career paths, majors, and transfer opportunities
  • Connect you to resources to support your social, emotional, and financial well-being
  • Guide you through college processes and services that beginning students often find overwhelming
  • Foster your development of a CCAC support network, which includes your instructor, your classmates, and many more people at the College who are committed to your success

Who needs to take College Seminar?

SEM 105 is what's called a "first-year experience course," and it's best to take it very early in your academic path, preferably within your first semester. In fact, many students who wait wish they had taken SEM sooner! All first-time college students must enroll in SEM 105 within the first 9 credits at CCAC, except visiting students and students who have successfully completed 15 or more credits from another post-secondary institution.

Dual enrollment students don't have to take the course while they're still in high school. Students who are admitted directly into nursing, joint union apprenticeship programs, and allied health and trade certificate programs are also exempt.

There's a special version of College Seminar for dual enrollment students. That course, designed for students who are still in high school, is called SEM 103.

SEM 105

In this course, students explore academic strategies, culture, resources and expectations. Topics include career planning and graduation requirements. Students discover and use current college tools and services as the foundation for creating individualized academic, career and resource plans.

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SEM 103

In this course, dual enrollment eleventh and twelfth-grade students develop the learning strategies, college knowledge and career exploration skills necessary for success in higher education and beyond. The course introduces students to the college environment through active engagement in academic problem solving, exploration of college and career options and the development of personal resources and strategies that foster academic resilience.

CCAC Roadmap

CCAC Roadmap is a clear pathway to graduation, detailing the steps to completion in logical sequence and directing students to engage in specific tasks at key times.

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